BELLOS is a branding and marketing firm that provides a wide verity of consultation services for manufactures that make products for live music production. We find sound solutions while always keeping the future in mind.

BELLOS was founded by Vlad Bellos, who has a decade of experience designing and marketing products for the live musician. Vlad Bellos was a founding member of 64 Audio which makes world-class Custom In-Ear Monitors for professional musicians. As the head of marketing, sales, customer service and support, he designed from the ground up, all of the systems and processes that impacted the customer experience. He was also heavily involved in product development and design. After just 4 years, 64 Audio became the one of the top 3 Custom IEM brands in the U.S. and later became the #1 brand of choice due to the innovative products and customer-first approach to customer service.

During the last 10 years, Vlad executed a very successful artist influencer program, built and managed a world-wide distribution network. In 2019, Vlad left 64 Audio and formed BELLOS to be able to partner with more companies and walk along side them to create products and services that fill the need of the customer in a very efficient and effective way.

BELLOS offers many years of expertise and experience and can be an important asset to your project. We work with a team of creatives and can make your dreams become a reality. Contact us today!